The diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction

Any sign of sexual impotence is a warning that must always be taken into consideration. Very often it is a deficiency but in some cases it could be a symptom of a pathology that requires treatment.

  • The problem can manifest itself to varying degrees:
  • failure to repeat the erection within a short time
  • not fully turgid erection
  • an erection of too short duration for normal intercourse
  • penis enlargement stimulated but without valid turgidity
  • no penis reaction to mental and physical stimulation

A medical examination is always recommended, especially when it occurs in the last two grades. Here are a series of questions that can help you better understand the situation. If there is an affirmative answer to one of these questions, consult your family doctor or andrologist:

  • Have you felt (for more than three months) that it is almost impossible to have a turgid and lasting Drection?
  • do you have any known diseases and are you on medication? (Medical diagnosis could show a correlation).
  • Do you experience difficulties or abnormalities in urinating? (Medical diagnosis may highlight prostate problems).
  • Do you feel recent testicular configuration changes?Did you have an accident or surgery?

Here are other questions that, in case of affirmative answers, could be signs of deficiencies that invite to be filled with a targeted bio-activating treatment:

  • Do you notice the problem above all in the difficulty of having a repeated erection in a short time?
  • Do you have spontaneous erections during the night or when you wake up in the morning but less often and lessturgid than in the past?
  • By masturbating, can you only get an erection after prolonged stimulation of the penis?
  • In times and situations of reduced stress, do you feel improvements? (Holidays, more peaceful moments of work and relationships, new individual or couple impulses).
  • Are you in control of your smoking and drinking habits? (a considerable consumption of tobacco and alcohol can promote organic deficiencies, with an impact also on virility).