What is Virmaca
Virmaca is a food supplement of concentrated extract of MACA SX 401, TURNERA and TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS with COLEUS FORSKOHLII, GINKO BILOBA VITAMINS E, B6 and ZINC.

Always when the man feels a weakening of physical reactions and performance not only on a sexual level but in the complex of vitality.

How much
1-3 capsules per day every day, depending on the degree of weakness and the perceived dysfunction.
Cycles of 2-6 weeks, to be repeated when the problem returns.

It is a bio-activator with multidirectional action that stimulates and strengthens the responsiveness of the brain, neurological system, blood circulation and energy metabolism, with particular attention to sexual functions.

Positive results are felt on average during the first 10-15 days of daily treatment. Virmaca acts in a gradual and lasting way.

Negative aspects
No contraindications were found. It is therefore also indicated for prolonged treatments over time.